We take the safety and security of all our visitors very seriously and our staff are trained to ensure all our visitors have a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience. When attending an event, please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to complete our security checks.

We have various security measures in place, some which you can see and of course, many that you can’t. Our site is monitored around the clock via a central control room, and we work with and meet regularly with local police and the authorities to ensure our security procedures are up to date and following best practice. 


Our security staff are a great team of fully trained, professional, and approachable people that have everyone’s safety at the forefront of everything they do. You will see stewards at all areas around the venue, ready to answer any of your questions. Please cooperate with security checks and support our stewards as they carry out important work to keep us safe.

We encourage everyone attending events at our venue to remain vigilant and if you have the slightest concern about anything or anyone, please report it to our security staff who will ensure that your concerns are investigated. 

Our security staff use handheld devices on shift to report incidents and feedback to improve your overall event experience so don’t worry if you see them typing away on their phone!


To enhance the security of our venue and the customer experience, when you arrive at the venue on Bolero Square or Lower Parliament Street, your ticket will be checked and scanned along with a search of belongings and person, with no exceptions. 

If you have a pacemaker fitted and have been advised you shouldn’t undergo certain security checks (i.e. security wand checks), please let the security staff know as you approach them, and they’ll use an alternative search method.


Please don’t bring any bags to our events. We can only allow handbags / very small bags no bigger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm. Any bags larger than this cannot be brought into or stored at the venue, and we have no lockers or storage facilities. 

If you need to bring a bag for medical reasons, please contact us in advance. Laptops and other large electronic devices are not permitted into the venue, please see our terms and conditions for a more extensive list of prohibited items.

safety and security
safeguarding policy


To continue to keep everyone who enters the venue safe and provide the very best experience for our customers, we’ve implemented several important measures to reassure and protect everyone at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham. These measures are implemented in accordance with the current advice and guidance from UK and local government and will be continually reviewed.


From recent customer, Shell:

“Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to Rob, one of your stewards. He was amazing all day and was so happy to help everyone and made us feel safe. When we got into the arena, we were lucky enough to have Rob taking care of our standing section. Thank you so much for making our experience so enjoyable and safe!”

From recent customer, Sharianne:

“Rich in your security team was absolutely brilliant from start to finish! We arrived early and before he had even started his shift, he approached us to double check that we were in the right place. He was really good at explaining what would happen and put everyone at ease about entering the venue. He was very friendly and extremely attentive in keeping everyone safe before, during and after the event. We would like to pass on our gratitude and thank him for his hard work and friendly face today.”


Whilst live events are incredibly exciting, we also understand that sometimes they can be overwhelming. If you, or somebody you’re attending the venue with, feels anxious or overwhelmed please let a steward or member of our staff know and they will assist you to a safe space. 

Our venue is part of the Ask Angela safety initiative. So if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, would like to go home or get out of a situation, ask any member of staff or a steward for “Angela” and we will be able to get you of the situation safely and discreetly. 

We have enhanced all cleaning regimes before, during and post events. All surfaces throughout the venue are sanitised using long lasting cleaning solutions.

We have multiple trauma first aid kits at the venue which are accessible to the public in the event of an emergency. We also have defibrillators on site and additional medical providers during live events and we provide first aid training to members of front-line staff.

We’ve partnered with Lifebuoy to become Official Hand Sanitiser of the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham. Free sanitiser stations can be found across the venue and we encourage all visitors to wash their hands wherever possible and sanitise regularly.

We are committed to providing a safe environment and ensuring the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk whilst in our venue. For more information, view our full safeguarding policy here.

We’re working with the local police to help tackle drink spiking and have several measures in place to help staff be spike-aware. These include: recognising suspicious behaviours, recognising the signs of a victim to spiking, medical care, and how to report the crime. If you feel unwell, or you see somebody who looks unwell, at the venue please report to member of staff or a steward immediately.