Code of Conduct

Hospitality at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

We are committed to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for every guest, so to help our staff give you the best experience possible, we kindly ask customers to follow a few house rules whilst at the venue.

• To be treated courteously by all staff
• To enjoy an experience in a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment
• To have any issues or complaint dealt with in a timely and professional manner

• To treat all staff and other customers courteously
• To remain in your assigned suite or allocated seating during the event
• To avoid taking prohibited items into the seating areas (this includes glass and cutlery)
• To be mindful about objects near and over the barriers/railings whilst in suites
• To not undertake illegal activity, including smoking inside the venue and the use of drugs
• To consume alcohol sensibly and responsibly – ensuring that only those of legal age have access to alcohol
• To supervise children and those requiring assistance within your group
• To comply with staff requests at the venue and during emergency situations
• To not engage with abusive, discriminatory or any other physical and verbal forms of violence
• To actively report any concerns – such as guest behaviour, suspicious or illegal activity, to staff immediately

Guests who violate the code of conduct will be required to leave the premises immediately, our staff reserve the right to remove, without refund all ticket holders and refuse re admission in the future. Should behaviour be considered unacceptable, the venue reserves the right to terminate the agreement without compensation.

This code of conduct operates in conjunction with the venue’s terms and conditions