There are plenty of things that we’re sure you’d like to know about our venue. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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Q. How do I book tickets for a concert or an event?

The best way to book your tickets is online through our quick and easy online booking system. We strongly recommend you book online when major events go on sale as it's the fastest way to secure the tickets you want. Simply click “Buy Tickets”.

As members of STAR, we are committed to ensuring that you buy tickets confidently and safely. That is why we encourage customers to only buy tickets directly from ourselves or other reputable ticket agencies who have been authorised to sell by the promoter. Authorised Ticket Agencies can vary dependent on the show so if you are unsure please contact the Box Office team who would be happy to advise. 

Additional advice on purchasing tickets safely can be found on the STAR website here: https://www.star.org.uk/ticket-buying-advice/. If you have any concerns about a ticket purchase you are thinking about making, or have already made, please contact the box office at generalenquiries@motorpointarenanottingham.com

Q. How can I pay for my tickets?

A. You can pay by debit or credit card, Paypal and gift voucher. We do not accept American Express..

Q. Are there any age restrictions?

A. For all standing floor tickets, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over. For certain shows promoters may also issue further age restrictions, for example "No Under 16s". You will be advised of any restrictions when you make your booking. Please be aware that if there is an evacuation of the building, unaccompanied children will not be supervised and you should take this into account when purchasing your tickets.

Q. Can I bring a baby to an event and do I need a ticket?

A. Due to the sound levels experienced during an event and the long-term hearing damage this could cause, it's strongly recommended by most venues that children under 5 should not attend concerts or events other than those specifically aimed at younger visitors, i.e. children's shows. All children attending an event, regardless of age, will require a ticket or wristband and if aged 2+, a seat will need to be purchased for an event. Please check with us if you are attending an event with a child under 2 years old.

Q. Which are the best seats, floor or tiered?

A. This is purely down to personal preference. Floor seats are all on one level and are not tiered - other customers may stand which may impede your view if you prefer to remain seated. Rows P – V in the tiered seating are high up and reached by several steps so may not be suitable for those with vertigo or mobility issues. View our Arena Seating Plans .

Q. Which are the best seats for children?

A. Floor seats are all on one level and are not tiered. It's important to note other customers may stand in all seated areas which may impede your view if you prefer to remain seated. We don't allow standing on chairs to obtain a clearer view. Therefore you may decide that tiered seating is better option for children if attending an event or concert where other customers may stand, this however is personal preference. View our Arena Seating Plans .

Q. What is the best way to secure my tickets when a big event goes on sale?

A. We have high demand for tickets for many events which can sell out very quickly. We're unable to guarantee you will be successful in obtaining tickets by any method but we recommend using our online booking system as the quickest and easiest way to make your booking at busy times. Please sign up to our mailing list in order to receive exclusive pre-sale access, so that you can buy tickets before general on-sales.

Q. Why do you charge a handling fee?

A. The handling fee is charged per order (irrespective of number of tickets in that order). The handling fee contributes to the operational costs of processing your order and despatching your tickets.  

Q. Why do you charge an administration fee?

A. The administration fee covers the cost of running our Box Office department, call centre and ticketing software. 

Q. Why do you charge a venue facility fee?

A. The venue facility fee covers the cost of maintaining and developing our venue, to ensure we can continue to host world class shows and events. 

Q. Can I purchase ticket protection if I can't make it to the event?

A. Yes! At a charge, we can provide you with ticket protection in the event you're not able to make it. Please note this can only be purchased online when purchasing your event tickets

For the full list of what is covered in ticket protection and what isn't, as well as how to apply for a refund, click here

Q. Why is there sometimes a limit on how many tickets I can purchase?

A. This is a limit set by the Promoter/Event Organiser, not by Motorpoint Arena Nottingham and is put in place to stop people bulk buying tickets for an event. This means that you can't purchase over the ticket limit if any of the following details are the same: name, credit/debit card, address card is registered to. Please don't attempt to purchase over the ticket limit in separate transactions as we reserve the right to cancel any transactions purchased over the limit without prior notice.

Q. Why can't I leave a single seat? / Why can't I book two out of three seats?

A. Our seat maps are designed so that you cannot leave a seat on its own. This way we can accommodate as many customers as possible to our events. If there are no seats that you'd like for the event, contact us and we can add you to a waiting list.

Q. Why is there a time limit when I book tickets online?

A. Tickets cannot be held indefinitely when booking online as there may be a large volume of customers trying to book tickets at the same time. There is a time limit on booking tickets to give all customers a fair chance of obtaining tickets.

Q. Why are there now better tickets available than when I purchased my tickets?

A. For some events, the Promoter/Event Organiser will release additional tickets that may have been held off previously (for example, for guests of the artist or press) that are now no longer needed. These tickets will be put on general sale to the public ahead of the event.

Q. Can I upgrade to a Hospitality Experience?

A. If you booked your tickets through the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, you can upgrade without any additional administration fees. Visit our Hospitality section or contact our Hospitality Team to find out more about the packages we have available.

Q. Are group bookings available?

A. If you’re arranging to see an event with a large group of friends, family, or as an organised party, please contact us and we'll help you with your booking needs. Please note group bookings are not available online and for selected shows only.

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Q. Can my tickets be sent to a different postal address than my billing address?

A. Yes, you can specify a delivery address in the UK that you want your tickets to be delivered to.

Q. Can my tickets be posted abroad?

A. We don't post tickets abroad. If you are located outside of the UK, you can pick up your tickets from the venue on the day of the event or, for some events, you can opt for email tickets.

Q. Can I collect my tickets?

A. You can only collect your tickets if you are booking within 7 days of the event. For bookings made before that tickets will be sent to you via your chosen delivery method. If you need to collect your tickets this can only be done on the event day after 12noon, it is not possible to collect tickets in advance. Please collect at your earliest convenience after 12noon and no later than half an hour before the start time of the event. Please note that the debit/credit card used to purchase the tickets is required in order to collect the tickets and the tickets must be collected by the original purchaser named on the booking.

Q. I purchased tickets under my name. Can someone else collect them?

A. We cannot release tickets to anyone apart from the person whose name is on the booking due to Data Protection, regardless of whether they have the card the tickets were purchased with. If you would like someone else to collect tickets on your behalf, they will need to have their own I.D. and a letter of authorisation from you. Please contact us and we can send you this letter of authorisation.

Q. I’ve lost my tickets, what can I do?

A. Please contact our Box Office team. It may be possible to re-issue the tickets, although some types of tickets cannot be replaced (i.e. standing tickets or unreserved seated tickets). Where tickets can be re-issued there will be a charge of £2 per ticket for this service and tickets will need to be collected from the venue on the day of the event.

Q. Why haven’t I received my tickets yet / when will my tickets be sent out?

A. We dispatch tickets between two and six weeks ahead of the event. Alternative ticket vendors may dispatch tickets at different times so if your friends who booked separately have already received their tickets, don’t worry! Only contact us if you still haven’t received your tickets seven days prior to the event.

Q. I haven’t received my print at home tickets – what should I do?

A. Sometimes our emails may end up in your junk mail folder, so please check this before contacting us. Your tickets will appear as a PDF attachment on your confirmation of booking email. If you still haven’t received your tickets, please contact us and we can arrange to re-send your tickets.

Q. Why will you not post out my duplicate tickets?

A. We can only print one set of duplicate tickets. If we were to send them out and they were to get lost or damaged, you would not have access to the event. Duplicate tickets will be held at the Box Office until the day of the event in order to ensure that you are able to attend. Please bring some form of I.D. when collecting duplicate tickets.

Q. I missed the delivery of my standing tickets. What do I do now?

A. Royal Mail usually hold undelivered tickets at your nearest collection office for a period of 4 weeks before returning them to us. Please contact your local delivery office first to see if your tickets are being held for you. If your tickets are not at your local collection office, please contact us and we'll be able to look up your Track and Trace number.

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Q. Can I cancel my tickets and obtain a refund?

A. We regret that as per our Terms & Conditions we can't refund tickets unless the event is cancelled or changes considerably e.g. if the event is moved to a new date; however we have teamed up with Twickets to allow ticket holders who can no longer attend a show to sell their tickets at no more than the price they originally paid.

Twickets is a fan-to-fan ticket resale platform where the price of tickets is never more than the original face value. It was set up to counter the profiteering resale sites which encourage ticket touting. You can trade tickets securely through their service, with payment and delivery all agreed upfront. Sellers sell for free, and buyers pay a standard booking fee of 10% of the sold for ticket price. Users must have a UK phone number, address and PayPal account to sell, and buyers can purchase with all major debit / credit cards as well as PayPal.

Q. What about ticket protection?

A. Refunds may be possible if you have purchased ticket protection.

For a full list of what this does and doesn't cover and how to apply for a refund, click here

Q. Can I exchange my ticket for another show or seat?

A. Tickets are non-exchangeable. Before you buy tickets always check the date of the show and the location of the seats you are purchasing and consider carefully if they are suitable. If you are purchasing tickets for someone else as a gift, please check that the seats will be suitable for them. In some special circumstances, authorised exchanges may be made i.e. if disabled seating is now required, subject to suitable seating being available. Where we are able to exchange tickets there will be a charge of £2.00 per ticket for this service.

Q. What do I do if my circumstances change?

A. If your circumstances change after booking tickets to an event (e.g. you break your leg and will be on crutches), please contact us in advance of the event to discuss your situation, so we can try where possible to make alternative arrangements.

It's your responsibility to inform us if your circumstances have changed in such a way that means you are unable to enjoy your purchased tickets. If you don’t inform us of your situation in advance, we may not be able to assist you on the day of an event.


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Q. Where is the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham located?

A. The Arena is located within the same complex as the National Ice Centre. Our address is Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, Bolero Square, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1LA. The venue is situated in the heart of Nottingham’s famous and historic Lace Market area. Our landmark building is located just a stone’s throw from a range of fashionable bars, intimate restaurants, cultural attractions and high street shops which are all within close walking distance.

Q. How do I get to the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham?

A. Getting to and from the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham is simple. Frequent buses, trams, trains, taxis, local car parking and wide pedestrian walkways all contribute to ease of access to the venue. For more information on travelling to the venue, visit our Getting Here section.

Q. Where can I park?

A. There are numerous car parks within Nottingham City Centre, all of which are within close walking distance of the venue. All the car parks are clearly signposted on the main approach roads. For more information on car parks, visit our Car Parking page.

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Q. What are your current security measures?

A: We take the safety and security of all our fans and visitors very seriously and have various security measures in place to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience whilst visiting our venue. 

We have comprehensive procedures for all types of incidents and we meet regularly with local police and the authorities to ensure we are fully prepared for all eventualities. 

Our security team remains vigilant at all times and we encourage everyone attending events at our venue to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to our security staff or the police.

Q. I recently attended an event at the Arena and didn’t get my bag checked, why was that the case?

A. Every event hosted at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham is risk assessed based on the nature of the event and intelligence from the Police, including counter-terrorism officers etc.  We have comprehensive security measures in place and bag searching is just one component. We're unable to discuss specific security details for each show as this is potentially detrimental to these measures.

Q. I’m coming to an Arena event soon, are there any new security measures I need to be aware of?

A. We have introduced a new bag policy (see ‘What kind of bag can I bring?’) and are implementing enhanced security checks outside the venue; this will include personal searches. Customers are asked to arrive as early as possible; ensure they are not carrying any prohibited items and to come prepared for all weather conditions.

Q. Will security changes affect queuing at the venue?

A. The enhanced security procedures will result in significant queues, therefore customers are being asked to arrive early (as close to door opening times as possible) to ease the entry process and avoid missing any of the show.

Q. What kind of bag can I bring?

A. A new bag policy has been introduced. It's best for everyone if you don't bring any bags to our events if possible, however we will allow handbags and other small bags (no rucksacks or bags larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm) into the venue. Lockers will no longer be available for use. Customers that need to bring a bag for their medical requirements should contact the venue in advance so that we can try and accommodate your needs.

Q. Are there any items which I’m prohibited from bringing into the venue?

A. Yes, there are number of items prohibited from the venue. No food, cans, bottles or alcohol may be brought into the venue; only food and drink purchased in the venue may be consumed within it (except in limited circumstances on proven medical grounds). No illegal substances, legal highs, pyrotechnic articles, lasers, selfie sticks, glow sticks, weapons, perfume or offensive items may be brought into the venue. We reserve the right to confiscate any prohibited items.

Q. I have a pacemaker fitted and have been advised I shouldn’t undergo certain security checks e.g. security wand checks, what should I do?

A. As you approach the security staff conducting the searches, simply let them know you have a pacemaker fitted and they’ll use an alternative search method.

Q. How do you manage crowds at live events?

A. Time and effort goes into making sure our customers are looked after and enjoy their time with us. Our in-house Stewarding and Security team are on hand to ensure our visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. Please do approach any member of staff if you require assistance at any time.

Q. Are there cloakrooms or lockers available?

A. At the current time, we do not have a cloakroom facility so we strongly suggest you do not bring a bag. If you do need to bring a bag, no rucksacks or bags larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm will be permitted. All customers will be subject to a search outside the venue via wand before entering. If you need to bring a bag for medical reasons which is larger than the permitted size, you should contact us in advance so we can try and accommodate your needs.


Q. When will the set times for my event be available?

A. We post set times on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram  pages on the day of the event so keep your eyes peeled! We will also update the event page on the day of the event with details of support acts and running time information.

Q. Can I arrive early on the day? Where is best to queue?

A. We do not permit queuing before midday on the day of the event (where the event takes place in the evening). You will be asked to leave the venue if you queue before this time. After midday, standing customers can queue on Lower Parliament Street. If you have seated tickets, your seat is already reserved and you do not need to arrive early.

Q. I'd like to stay in Nottingham overnight, can you recommend a hotel?

A. Yes! Take a look at our Hotels & Accommodation page for more details on some of the best local hotels in close walking distance to the Arena.

Q. Which bars and restaurants are nearby?

A. Check out our Bars & Restaurants page to find out more about some of the best local restaurants and bars, for those who really want to make a night of it!

Q. Is food and drink available at the venue?

A. Yes. We have a range of catering options at the venue, visit our Food & Drink section for further details.

Q. Do you accept card payments?

A. Yes! We also offer contactless card payments on all of our concourse bars, in Encore Bar & Grill and the Sub Zero café.

Q. Can I take food or drink into the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham?

A. You are not permitted to take food or drink purchased outside the Arena complex into the venue. If you’re looking for refreshments or a bite to eat before, or during, an event at the Arena, there are a number of options available. For more information visit our Food & Drink section.

Q. Can I bring my camera?

A. We allow customers to bring non-professional, compact cameras into the venue. This is anything that doesn’t have a detachable lens or is considered an SLR or bridge camera. However, for some events promoters may request that photographs are not taken during the show, and we will enforce this.

Q. Can I bring my laptop?

No, laptops and large electrical items are prohibited from entering the venue during events and will have to be left off site.

Q. What kind of bag can I bring?

A. A new bag policy is in place. It’s part of the enhanced security measures for all major events and means that you can only take handbags and other small bags (no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm) into the arena with you.

You should arrive as early as possible and allow more time for security checks when arriving at the venue. These extra checks may increase the length of queues so please give yourself plenty of time to arrive and enter the venue.

Q. Can I bring banners and signs?

A. We do allow small banners, these must be smaller than shoulder width and not have any poles/sticks attached. We do not allow multiple leaflets/mini posters to be distributed by customers to entire blocks at our shows. No flags, inflatables, large banners or poles/sticks will be allowed into the venue.

Q. Am I able to meet the artist or get backstage access?

A. All meet & greets or backstage passes will be organised by the Promoter/Event Organiser. Please contact them directly as we will not be able to help with your request.

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Q. Can you help with access to the venue?

A. If anyone in your party has any specific access requirements, including mobility issues or vertigo, please contact us and staff will be able to offer you advice to help you choose the seats which best suit your requirements. For more information, please visit our Accessibility page.

Q. Do you have wheelchair access?

A. Wheelchair access to the venue is available either via the entrance doors on Bolero Square or via the lift from Lower Parliament Street. Once inside the venue there are lifts to all floors, disabled toilet facilities and wide walkways for wheelchair users.

Q. Is parking available for people with disabilities?

A. A public disabled car park is located next to the Arena on Dean Street. It is operated by Nottingham City Council on a first come first serve basis and can’t be booked in advance. There are also a few disabled parking spaces on Barker Gate opposite the venue.

Q. Can I bring an Assistance Dog to the venue?

A. Assistance dogs are welcome at the venue, but please be aware that noise levels can be high during some events. At the time of booking please let our Box Office team know if an assistance dog will be accompanying you to the venue.

Q. Do you have an area for people with a disability to get changed?

A. Yes, the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham is the first Arena in the UK to benefit from a new changing places toilet facility to ensure the venue is more accessible for all. For more information visit our Accessibility page.

Q. Do you have a child safe scheme?

A. We offer free child safe wristbands for your children in the unfortunate event they get lost. A contact telephone number should be written on the wristbands and in the event of your child being found within the venue, you will be contacted by Box Office. You can collect your wristband from Box Office.

Q. Is there a cash point on site?

A. Yes. There are two cash points in the main foyer, one on the Arena concourse and one on Lower Parliament Street.

Please be aware that we accept contactless card payments on all of our concourse bars and in Encore Bar & Grill making paying for food and drinks faster and easier.

Q. Can I smoke in the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham?

A. The Motorpoint Arena Nottingham is a non-smoking venue throughout. It is against the law to smoke in the venue and smoking will lead to ejection without a refund. We also do not allow customers to use e-cigarettes in the venue. Depending on the event there may be pass outs for smoking, however for some events there will be no pass outs or re-admission of any kind.

Q. Do you have a lost property department?

A. If you think you may have lost something in the venue, please contact us.

Q. Can I carry out leafleting, sampling or a charity collection during the event?

A. We can organise leafleting and under some circumstances charity collections during an event, however this must be organised with the venue a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. Anybody carrying out an unauthorised charity collection or distributing leaflets/samples without prior permission will be ejected from the venue.

Q. Do you have a dedicated prayer room?

A. If you require a place to worship at our venue, please let a member of the team know who will escort you to a dedicated prayer room.

Q. Do you have a safe space?

A. If you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed, please let a member of our team know who will assist you to a safe space in the venue.

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Q. How can I book a season ticket to watch the Nottingham Panthers?

A. You can buy new Panthers season tickets or find out how to renew season tickets here

Q. Where can I find out more information about the Nottingham Panthers?

A. Information about the Nottingham Panthers, fixtures and matches can be found on the official Panthers website .

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Q. Does the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham have conference and events facilities?

A. The Motorpoint Arena Nottingham and National Ice Centre offer a diverse range of conference and events facilities. For full details please visit our Conference and Events website or contact the Conference & Events Team.


A copy of our Gender Pay Report can be found here
A copy of our 2018/19 Annual Review can be found here
A copy of our Enviromental policy can be viewed here

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