We work hard to keep our environmental impact to a minimum, helping you in turn reduce the carbon footprint of your event.
We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and have coined our many innovative solutions under the umbrella of ‘Greener Arena’.

Vegan Food
We are currently the only UK Arena with a dedicated outlet offering vegan food. Our Vegan Kitchen can be found on the Arena’s concourse, take a look at the delicious options we have available here.

We are a zero-landfill venue, with 40 per cent of our waste recycled. Waste that is not recycled goes into an incinerator, which is turned into electricity and heat to power the building. We’ve also installed our own water supply for the site, which accounts to 25,000m3 of water every year.

Reducing our plastic use
Furthermore, we were the first UK indoor entertainment and sports venue to introduce eco-friendly poly cups. The cups are reusable for up to five years and are fully recyclable.

Energy consumption
The Arena has reduced its energy consumption by over 20 per cent in the last five years, and recycled paper is used throughout the business. It has also developed bespoke systems to significantly reduce its water consumption, with the water tanks cleverly collecting would-have-been wastewater to help make new ice for the two rinks.

We invite you to review our key achievements here.

Read our Environmental Policy.